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 220gsm Calico has a long history of everyday practical uses, from cheese making to upholstery, because of its links to these traditional methods the fabric is often used to give a particular item,interior design or event a natural and authentic country style feel. The fabric is also completel...


Wholesale Price: £4.99/Mtr
Roll Size: 50 (Mtrs)

Saving: £100.00/Roll

Fire retardant calico is pre treated with Proban, this is an inherent fire retardant chemical used on fabric that requires durable and trustworthy treatment. Proban is a registered trademark, any fabrics treated with Proban must meet part of the licensee agreement which means fabrics are made to las...


When sourcing canvas fabric for use with or around the general public, it is best to go for a durable and trustworthy, treated, fire retardant fabric. Our KBT extra wide calico fire retardant fabric measures 300 cm wide. This larger width is most popular for large scale projects. We use Proban to co...


Here we have a multi-purpose calico; waterproof and biodegradable, for indoor and outdoor use.   The key with this type of calico is that the PVC lining on the back prevents water from affecting the material, making it waterproof.  Also the fact that it is an eco friendly material is im...


Wholesale Price: £2.95/Mtr
Roll Size: 50 (Mtrs)

Saving: £102.00/Roll

  This light to medium weight natural calico fabric is perfect for a variety of projects. This calico comes to you in a loom state; this means this 100% cotton woven fabric is un-bleached, un-dyed and not pre-shrunk, so allow for a small amount of shrinkage. The weave gives the fabric a weight...


Wholesale Price: £4.25/Mtr
Roll Size: 50 (Mtrs)

Saving: £112.00/Roll

 Drill calico is a more heavyweight fabric than the regular option, this particular calico has a weight of 240gm per square metre, it’s a 3 by 1 weave using the technical term of 3110 calico. Our drill calico has a very taut structure and a close weave, the finish is only slightly rougher...


Lightweight fabric with good drapeability and slimming effects. Ideal for dresses and blouses, lightweight suits, scarves, slacks, evening wear etc. This is a lightweight canvas type fabric. Please Note:This is a clearance line. There may be slight differences in weight and weave of the fabrics.


PVC table cloth cappuccino design 6247, in 5 colour way, common term for this type of fabric is an Oil Cloth, 100% cotton panama fabric with a PVC laminated surface that will wipe clean, protects table surfaces from stains and scratches. Very decorative gives your kitchen table a nice base for ta...


Polyester Peach Skin Micro. A luxurious, soft and smooth velvet like fabric.


High quality Structured Crocodile embossed fabric. Composition 75% PVC compound, 25% CO fabric. Long lasting,lightfast,abrasion resistant, tear resistant, easy clean fabric. Suitable for the upholstery business and modern homes.


Nylon Organdy. 100% Nylon fabric. Ideal for fancy costumes, dancewear


Tianjin Dupion.100% Polyester. Handwash at 40 degrees.Ideal for curtains


Wholesale Price: £6.75/Mtr
Roll Size: 25 (Mtrs)

Saving: £68.50/Roll

Calypso Leatherette fire retardant soft feel leathrette conform to fire BS standards


Here is our rainbow fur fabric; a long haired material with multicoloured fur in the colours of the rainbow.    Composition: 35% modacrylic 44% acrylic 21% polyester   Soft and flexible, the fur is backed to a cross linked acrylic fabric, with the hair approximately 50mm lo...


These awning fabrics are 100% solution dyed acrylic canvas, designed to meet outdoor standards based on quality manufacturing processes and materials.    This Awning Stripe Collection is a range of technical textiles. The solution-dyed acrylic fibres and outdoor treatment give exception...


Lycra Mixed. Stretch material ideal for fancy costumes, dancewear etc. Excellent value for money.

£3.49 £3.99

A mixture of Knitted polyesters, Jackquards & woven fabrics. Limited stock.Excellent value for money.


Knitted Ribbed Material 42cm and knitted in a tube formation. This means that when laying flat, the 42 cm width is actually 84 cm asll the way around. This fabric is used in fashion and sportswear, from kayaks to hats. Click here to find out more about our tubular fabrics in our Totally Tubular Blog...


The width of this knitted tubular fabric laying flat measures at 50cm, so the  circumference is 100 cm.The knitted fabric has plenty of stretch across the width so will generously stretch over the full 100 cm  Ideal for large slip on covers for canos and kayaks. The stretch quality makes i...


2" Fluted leatherette vinyl waterproof, ready fluted leatherette bonded onto a backing of 1.5mm close cell foam with embossed and heat sealed flutes.   Made in Germany the combination of a bonded finish and heat sealed to the backing material to create the fluted stitched stripes effect makin...


Prestigious Textiles Apollo from the Galaxy collection, 100% Polyester fabric with embossed floral with embossed vertical stripes, 300cm wide width, fabrics with these kinds of wide widths are great for large drops, wide openings, no real need for joins, excellent for curtains, drapery, cushions, up...


Holst 100% Polyester Fabric for luxury drapes and curtains.


Solstice A Luxury polyester curtain fabric in plain colours.


Argentina 90% Cotton,10% Polyester. For Drapes.


Bogota Luxury Polyester Curtain Material