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Waterproof Biodegradable Calico

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Product code: KBT9451-B370
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Here we have a multi-purpose calico; waterproof and biodegradable, for indoor and outdoor use.


The key with this type of calico is that the PVC lining on the back prevents water from affecting the material, making it waterproof. 

Also the fact that it is an eco friendly material is important, because it slowly degrades over time. 


This mid weight calico is made with cotton fibres in a plain-weave. It is tightly woven meaning it won't get easily damaged, and has no gaps for light to shine through, making it a suitable material to use for tents. gazebos, and wedding marquees. Calico can easily be incorporated into your chosen wedding colour scheme as this textile is a neutral soft cream colour which can blend in nicely to any colour scheme. 

It drapes nicely over tables as a table covering, with the waterproof lining against the table (protecting the surface it is draped over) and the smooth surface on show.


It is also ideal as a base for arts and crafts due to its natural colour so it won't detract from the artwork that is created on it. It is commonly used as a canvas to design, paint and embroider onto, as it is a strong material and isn't very stretchy.

It is very effective to paint over this material with white acrylic paint to create a smooth single-coloured background to then paint your design ontop. 

Creatives use this in theatre, visual merchandising and events. 


For any coffin manufacturers and makers of caskets, this is an ideal eco coffin and casket lining, as it will protect what is inside as well as slowly degrading. So you can line your sustainably made coffins (such as wicker, bamboo, recycled card) with this fabric.


If you want to make an eco-friendly purchase choose this fabric!




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