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Drill Calico

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Product code: KBT294-3110-F18-B140
(Price per mtr)  £6.49 VAT Incl.

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 Drill calico is a more heavyweight fabric than the regular option, this particular calico has a weight of 240gm per square metre, it’s a 3 by 1 weave using the technical term of 3110 calico. Our drill calico has a very taut structure and a close weave, the finish is only slightly rougher than our classic calico, with the typical speckling of the un-separated husk fibres woven into the fabric.


The slightly heavier weight of this calico makes it a good choice for practical items that need a little more durability, canvas bags, aprons, and hardwearing clothing items will all benefit from this strong but pliable fabric. It can easily be painted on, printed on, block dyed; tie died even spatter dyed so you can get creative with your designs.


This weight of calico is also ideal for traditional larger scale projects like indoor and outdoor events that may need large amounts of hardwearing fabric that need to be draped, folded or shaped, like stall and table coverings or banners for craft and farmers markets or flamboyant festival awnings. We offer bespoke textiles service for projects like this and more, so give our team a call to find out what we can do for you.


  • Traditional fabric
  • Heavyweight and strong
  • Durable
  • Biodegradeable
  • Easy to dye