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Barletts Upholstery Fabric

(Price/mtr) £9.99 VAT Incl.

Colour: Sand

  • Sand

Sample for Barletts Upholstery Fabric - Sand

Order a fabric sample to get a better idea of the fabric colour and fabric quality.

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Limited Stocks to Clear.Soft Upholstery chenille jacquard furnishing fabric.Fabric Width:150Design:Barlett Chenille is a type of yarn that is commonly used in upholstery fabric. It is a soft, plush yarn that is created by wrapping short lengths of yarn around a core yarn. ... Read more



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    • Limited Stocks to Clear.
      Soft Upholstery chenille jacquard furnishing fabric.
      Fabric Width:150
      Chenille is a type of yarn that is commonly used in upholstery fabric. It is a soft, plush yarn that is created by wrapping short lengths of yarn around a core yarn. This creates a fuzzy, textured surface that is both soft and durable
      A popular choice for home and furniture textiles due to its durability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal. Its combination of chenille yarn and jacquard weaving creates a unique fabric that is both functional and beautiful.
      A good selection of colours and patterns available, upholstery chenille jacquard fabric is a great choice for any furniture upholstery project.
      The intricate designs created by the jacquard weaving technique allow for complex patterns and designs, ranging from traditional floral patterns to more modern geometric designs. The use of different coloured threads also allows for a wide range of colour options, from bold and bright to more muted and neutral.
      Soft upholstery chenille jacquard fabric can be used to upholster chairs, sofas, ottomans, and other types of furniture. It can also be used to create drapes, curtains, and other window treatments. The intricate designs and patterns of the jacquard weave make this type of fabric well-suited for decorative pillows, throws, and other accent pieces.

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    Very Limited quantities left please call us on 0121 359 2349 to enquire about quantity.

  • Please Note: The visual appearance of fabric and colour may vary on screen between monitors due to the different screen colour settings;

    The actual fabric appearances, textures, colours and quality of your fabric may not be as what you see on screen, the dyeing process between fabrics vary due to way the fabric has been woven, constructed or treated. Another factor is the type of yarn used (coarse or fine), these are key factors to consider when choosing the right fabric for your project.

    We recommend you order actual fabric samples of the fabrics you are interested in. With samples you will be sure of the fabric shade, texture, quality and the fabric feel, also you will know if it is the right fabric for your application.

    Important Point to remember about your colour; i.e. RED may not be the same as our RED, this is the same rule for any colour, you must request fabric samples, we do offer free samples, simply call us to order them.