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Wholesale Price: £7.49/Mtr
Roll Size: 50 (Mtrs)

Saving: £75.00/Roll

Coarsely woven jute hessian fabric, with all the attributes of classic hessian, strength, durability, environmentally friendly and colourful too! The rough jute fibres create a close weave, but not close enough to be entirely opaque, as with all hessian you will be able to see any background behind ...


This traditional rough open weave hessian fabric uses bitumen to achieve an extremely watertight protective covering. The black bitumen coating lays in-between the hessian fabric and the brown backing paper to create a fabric that will withstand vigorous and repetitive outdoor use. Bitumen is t...


Classic jute hessian available in a range of seventeen colours. The hessian is constructed in the same way as our natural option, then solid dyed to produce seventeen great colours to choose from. Jute fibres are woven into a course weave cloth which is semi opaque, you would be able to see any back...


  Scrim hessian a simple large holed net fabric, known as hessian scrim. Lightweight yet heavy duty, the structure may be basic but this fabric shows a lot of versatility from creative projects to industrial use.   100% natural and biodegradable hessian yarn loosely woven into roughly 1...


 Scrim hessian a simple large, holed net fabric, known as hessian scrim. Lightweight yet heavy duty, the structure may be basic, but this fabric shows a lot of versatility from creative projects to industrial use. 100% natural and biodegradable hessian yarn loosely woven into roughly 1cm squar...


Hessian – Essence II Collection   Building on Prestigious’ acclaimed Essence style book, Essence 2 comprises an exciting new selection of textures and tones for upholstery, drapes and accessories - all presented in colour-themed sections and supported by inspiring photography. Mix...


The natural colour and rough look of hessian fabric lends itself well to traditional country style themed events such as farmers markets, cider and beer festivals, craft fairs or barn dances! This extra wide option is particularly useful for covering market stalls and tables for events such as these...

£5.99 £6.99

Classic rough weave hessian fabric with the extra element of a very useful laminated surface applied to the back of the fabric. Laminated hessian is used to prevent liquid from getting to the fabric and from getting to the item the fabric surrounds. Simply put it is ideal for fashion bags, practica...


We have nineteen great shades for you to choose from in our coloured hessian range. Made jute to create a strong course weave this fabric still has all the durability of classic hessian, but with the added element of strong colour you can create striking arts and crafts or practical items for around...


A Tightly woven Heavy duty Canvas Hessian fabric. A Strong and course weave making it very durable and resistant to wear.   150z heavyweight canvas is suitable for multiple applications such as  - Bags - Storage bags - Mats  - Table coverings    Biod...


This hessian or burlap fabric holds all the classic qualities of jute hessian, but also boasts a handy self adhesive backing along with a fire retardant coating. The backing is protected with waxed paper which you can simply peel off to reveal a sticky coating covering the back of the hessian so its...


Stiff Buckram Fabric   Composition - 100% Jute Cotton  Width - 91cm Weight - 8oz  Stiffener -Starched   Stiff buckram hessian which provides a mouldable foundation for fabrics. Ideal for making pelmets and fabric shapes  


Soft jute hessian has a surface finish a fraction softer than our coloured hessian. The coarse weave has a mix of yarn sizes making a slightly more open and less uniform weave, if you had a different colour behind the fabric it would definitely be seen through. Well known for being eco friendly, jut...


Shorter width hessian fabric, 137 cm (58 inches) in natural colour. Ideal for both industrial and agricultural use, hessian is commonly used as a sacking fabric, and great for protecting plants and shrubs when transplanting. The exposed roots are protected whilst still being able to breathe.The fab...


PVC table cloth cappuccino design 6247, in 5 colour way, common term for this type of fabric is an Oil Cloth, 100% cotton panama fabric with a PVC laminated surface that will wipe clean, protects table surfaces from stains and scratches. Very decorative gives your kitchen table a nice base for ta...


Polyester Peach Skin Micro. A luxurious, soft and smooth velvet like fabric.


High quality Structured Crocodile embossed fabric. Composition 75% PVC compound, 25% CO fabric. Long lasting,lightfast,abrasion resistant, tear resistant, easy clean fabric. Suitable for the upholstery business and modern homes.


Nylon Organdy. 100% Nylon fabric. Ideal for fancy costumes, dancewear


Tianjin Dupion.100% Polyester. Handwash at 40 degrees.Ideal for curtains


Wholesale Price: £6.75/Mtr
Roll Size: 25 (Mtrs)

Saving: £68.50/Roll

Calypso Leatherette fire retardant soft feel leathrette conform to fire BS standards


Lycra Mixed. Stretch material ideal for fancy costumes, dancewear etc. Excellent value for money.

£3.49 £3.99

A mixture of Knitted polyesters, Jackquards & woven fabrics. Limited stock.Excellent value for money.


Knitted Ribbed Material 42cm and knitted in a tube formation. This means that when laying flat, the 42 cm width is actually 84 cm asll the way around. This fabric is used in fashion and sportswear, from kayaks to hats. Click here to find out more about our tubular fabrics in our Totally Tubular Blog...


The width of this knitted tubular fabric laying flat measures at 50cm, so the  circumference is 100 cm.The knitted fabric has plenty of stretch across the width so will generously stretch over the full 100 cm  Ideal for large slip on covers for canos and kayaks. The stretch quality makes i...


2" Fluted leatherette vinyl waterproof, ready fluted leatherette bonded onto a backing of 1.5mm close cell foam with embossed and heat sealed flutes.   Made in Germany the combination of a bonded finish and heat sealed to the backing material to create the fluted stitched stripes effect makin...