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Lions Mane Fur Fabric

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Product code: KBT9555-B477
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Sandy Brown

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Brand new! Lion’s mane replica fur fabric. This extra-long faux fur is the perfect choice if you want to replicate the look and feel of a lion’s mane. It’s the right shade of warm sandy auburn brown that matches a lion’s mane, and the long length and feel of the fur creates a great imitation. Designed to act and feel like real fur, the pile is made up from fibres imitating the hairs. Fur grows at different lengths, a thick base which keeps the animal warm then more hair grows further to create the smooth outer part of the coat.

With this extra-long fur the fibres are even longer. The first part of the fur at the base is the thickest. This part has fibres densely packed between 1 and 5 cm tall. There are more fur fibres which reach up to 15 cm in length; these create the long flowing mane attraction (pun intended).

This faux fur could be used for fashion garments, costume or fancy dress. Faux fur is bigger than ever in the fashion world. All lengths and colours, natural or crazy! If you are after more faux fur styles we have loads to choose from.


  • Lions mane look
  • Extra long faux fur
  • Fashion clothing
  • Cosplay costumes
  • Fancy dress
  • 100% acrylic fabric