Textured Leatherettes and Vinyl

We stock a great range of textured leaterettes some with UV and Fire Retardant qualities. We supply snake skin textured fabric as well as Crocodile and Ostrich. There are also perforated, fluted and embossed leatherettes available.

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Gym mat vinyl, Tatami quality special grain effect for gym use, over many years almost everyone involved in martial arts has got to know all about the high quality of the Tatami grain. Tatmi is a Japanese term for a type of mat used as a flooring material.


Wholesale Price: £9.99/Mtr
Roll Size: 25 (Mtrs)

Saving: £75.00/Roll

Perforated Headliner leatherette vinyl with holes is a high-quality fabric that sets itself apart from other similar products in the market. Unlike other items that have embossed holes, this fabric has actual holes punched into the vinyl fabric, giving it a unique and sophisticated look. Perfect fo...


High quality vinyl leatherette material with the look of a natural snake skin. The fine linked, precise grain and high contrast, multi coloured print gives the material the liveliness of its natural model, the python, long-lasting, lightfast, abrasion-resistant, tear-resistant, easy to clean. Suit...


High quality Structured Crocodile embossed fabric. Composition 75% PVC compound, 25% CO fabric. Long lasting,lightfast,abrasion resistant, tear resistant, easy clean fabric. Suitable for the upholstery business and modern homes.


Soliena Ostrich Textured leatherette Fabric. High quality material with natural and very slender ostrich leather grain this material is a classic among the exclusive leather optics, lightfast, colourfast, tear resistant and easy to clean. Suitable for many kinds of upholstery projects, interior des...


Textured leatherette fabric heavily embossed surface finish similar effect like the skin texture of the stingray fish. Durable, UV stable and UV resistant, light fast, waterproof and flame retardant, becoming very popular for recovering, headboards, chairs and stools also a wide range of uses for r...


2" Fluted leatherette vinyl waterproof, ready fluted leatherette bonded onto a backing of 1.5mm close cell foam with embossed and heat sealed flutes.   Made in Germany the combination of a bonded finish and heat sealed to the backing material to create the fluted stitched stripes effect makin...


Wholesale Price: £9.99/Mtr
Roll Size: 30 (Mtrs)

Saving: £90.00/Roll

The Textured Fire-Retardant Crib 5 Leatherette holds a range of technical properties.   Textured finished fire retardant vinyl suitable for upholstery in homes, boats, restaurants, and bars. This fabric offers a basic surface texture for a classic look. eatherette vinyl. High quali...