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Hessian fabric soft Jute cloth

Product code: KBT-PF2003-F62-B147-3
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Hessian Jute Fabric or as some call it Burlap is one of our regularly imported fabrics and is always in stock. 100% natural biodegradable and eco friendly material, the fibre comes from the jute plant.

Hessian is a closely woven coarse fabric which has many practical uses, e.g. notice boards, wall coverings, crafts, rug making, upholstery, carpet backing, sand bags, art, beekeeping, domestic uses, industrial and educational. Another common use of Hessian is in garden centres and the agriculture trade when transplanting shrubs and trees. Exposed roots are normally wrapped in Hessian to protect them.

This is not typically an apparel fabric because of the coarse weave.

This fabric has no UV properties.

Fire retardant spray can be applied.