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  • Coarsely woven jute hessian fabric, with all the attributes of classic hessian, strength, durability, environmentally friendly and colourful too! The rough j...

    Fabric Width: 150cm

    19 Colours available

    Product Code: KBT3962-F60-B245

    Trade Purchase

    Roll: 50 (Mtrs) -- £7.49/Mtr

    Saving: £75.00/Roll

  • This traditional rough open weave hessian fabric uses bitumen to achieve an extremely watertight protective covering. The black bitumen coating lays in-...

    Fabric Width: 90cm

    1 Colours available

    Product Code: KBT8009-B162

    Trade Purchase

    Roll: 50 (Mtrs) -- £2.70/Mtr

    Saving: £114.50/Roll

  • Classic jute hessian available in a range of seventeen colours. The hessian is constructed in the same way as our natural option, t...

    Fabric Width: 150cm

    16 Colours available

    Product Code: KBT5712-F10-B24

    Trade Purchase

    Roll: 50 (Mtrs) -- £4.99/Mtr

    Saving: £100.00/Roll

  • This very sturdy Hessian is ready cut to a handy size of 30 cm wide. Ideal for upholstery peplems on sofas and armchairs. Buckram is make by starching the he...

    Fabric Width: 30cm

    1 Colours available

    Product Code: KBT9449-B153

  •   Scrim hessian a simple large holed net fabric, known as hessian scrim. Lightweight yet heavy duty, the structure may be basic but this fabric ...

    Fabric Width: 91 cm

    1 Colours available

    Product Code: KBT9450-B58

  • Hessian – Essence II Collection   Building on Prestigious’ acclaimed Essence style book, Essence 2 comprises an exciting new...

    Fabric Width: 148

    7 Colours available

    Product Code: KBT10536-F8-U100

  • The natural colour and rough look of hessian fabric lends itself well to traditional country style themed events such as farmers markets, cider and beer fest...

    Fabric Width: 180cm

    1 Colours available

    Product Code: KBT6712-B446

  • Hessian Jute Fabric woven yarn colours, ideal craft fabric 150cm in width  

    Fabric Width: 150cm

    1 Colours available

    Product Code: KBT9693 U13

  • Classic rough weave hessian fabric with the extra element of a very useful laminated surface applied to the back of the fabric. Laminated hessian is used to ...

    Fabric Width: 120cm

    8 Colours available

    Product Code: KBT4878-F60-B295
    Was £6.99 Now £5.99/Mtr

  • We have nineteen great shades for you to choose from in our coloured hessian range. Made jute to create a strong course weave this fabric still has all the d...

    Fabric Width: 120cm

    16 Colours available

    Product Code: KBT4903-F60-B298