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Autumn Brown - Chenille Weave Upholstery Fabric fabric - £12.99 Per Mtr



Autumn Brown - Woven chenille upholstery fabric in a rich, warm brown shade. This colour would look great with other Autumn shades like russet and burgundy. The weave is quite thick and set onto a black background so it gives the impression of a miniature brick wall. The finish is smooth yet textured and the black backing add depth to the fabric look. This is designed for upholstery and soft furnishings, so the fabric is taut and hard wearing.


Lime Sorbet - This shade is much more on the yellow citrus side or green rather than a pale mint. Though the shade is pale its still strangely vibrant enough to be quite striking. Grab a sample to see for yourself.


Honey -  This warm shade is perfect for seating in coffee shops, cafes and pubs. Use it in booths, dining chairs and big comfy armchairs. The Honey beige shade looks great in neutral interiors, and blends with creams to dark browns as well as hot spicy colours. The construction of the fabric actually uses four shades of fine brushed thread and twisted cord to complete the weave. The base layer uses a thick russet coloured cord woven with a grey cord to create strength. Over that lays the brushed chenille cord in a wheat colour. Woven over and under this is burgundy and wheat thread that separate the chenille to create a texture. 


Terracotta -  A spicy mid tone that will blend well with darker or lighter warm shades. The textured finish has a pleasant soft feel finish, whilst the strength and durability of the fabric means the fabric will withstand years of constant use. 


Maize - Warm maize yellow coloured Chenille upholstery fabric. This soft shade balances between a light brown and a yellow. The colour could also be described as Dijon mustard, cornfield or honey. Whatever you may know the colour as, you can be sure it will add instant warmth and a cosy feel to any room. 


  • Four shades
  • Soft furnishings
  • Hotels, bars, coffee shops and restaurants
  • Chenille woven upholstery fabric


Colour: Autumn Brown

Chenille Weave Upholstery Fabric

£12.99 Per Mtr

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