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Multi - Aztec Reversible Woven Upholstery Fabric fabric - £16.99 Per Mtr



Aztec style upholstery fabric woven with an array of soft contrasting and complementing shades. We stock two colour ways to choose from,


Ice/ Gold - A very cold ice blue, verging on aqua, contrasting with a rich warm golden shade. These two colours are accompanied by sage green, greige and soft browns and pale muted teal.


Multi - There are more shades in this combination and like the ice /gold colour - way, the chosen colours contrast comfortably with each other. Warm golden brown and tan shades with teal and green. The front of the fabric uses soft brushed chenille yarn in pale beige as a main colour, along with a mix of subdued and soft colours of pale beige, air force blue, forest green, clay red, saffron yellow, herb green, navy blue and teal. These are created using an intricate weave of stronger shades in the actual thread. The shades are toned down from the more exotic jewel like colours usually depicted with Mexican and Aztec style, but if you are looking for these kind of colours, just turn the fabric around!  


Now here is the twist, the back of the fabric is much brighter and looks stunning. You could easily use the underside for your projects if you please. The colours are much stronger and far more dynamic. The strength in the saturation of the colours on the back is a closer match to the fresh and spicy colours often seen in  Mexican and Aztec theme interiors and fashion.


The yarn used on the back is all strong polycotton, whereas the front of the fabric also uses beige chenille yarn for a multi textured feel. Front or back, all the colours used are of a similar tone, so they still combine beautifully in a strong geometric patterns with a distinctive Aztec look.


Back of Aztec in Multi.             Close up detail of Ice / Gold front



The Aztec look is also known as Mexican or Mexicana. The the bold geometric patterns have been reflected within Mexican culture from clothing to architecture for centuries. Recently Aztec and Mexicana has become a huge visual trend, especially within the interior design industry. The repeating pattern consists of very large blocks of designs, ranging in size from narrow 22 x 5 cm to big boxes sized 30x23cm,  30x15cm,  24x30cm and 28x27cm. 


This very high quality fabric is created specifically for upholstery and soft furnishings work. The durable polyester blend fabric is designed to withstand years of constant use, so the fabric can be used for seating in restaurant booths, coffee shops and hotels The design is perfect for Interior designers going for an Aztec or Mexican, north American style.  Use a little or a lot depending if you want a touch of Aztec style or a massive statement room! 


As an extra note, this Aztec fabric is soft enough to use for coats, jackets, ponchos, and bags. So get creative, Aztec style!


  •  Aztec style fabric
  •  Reversible design
  •  Colourful design
  •  Bright or pale side
  •  Hard wearing fabric
  •  Polyester blend
  •  Woven pattern


Colour: Multi

Aztec Reversible Woven Upholstery Fabric

£16.99 Per Mtr

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