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White/Gold Metallic Microdot Fabric

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Product code: KBT9821
(Price per mtr)  £5.99 VAT Incl.

112 cm

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A beautiful new addition to our metallic collection. Pale gold pure two tone metallic fabric made from micro dot computer foil process. The micro dots can only be seen up close, together they create a sea of gleaming liquid gold fabric. The base fabric is as white semi translucent polyester/nylon mix , which is then covered with a layer of metallic print made from micro dots.


Please note, this is not sold as a stretch fabric and has a very small amount of give on the bias and the horizontal but none on the vertical. The fabric has a beautiful draping quality and wonderful effects can be created by gathering and rippling the fabric. The light picks up the pale gold whether in subdued light or bright light.  And as the fabric falls it forms a two tone effect with deep shadows and shining highlights .


This gentle metallic gold shade can be used for anything you want, dressmaking, fashion, costume and cosplay, visual merchandising, interior design and set design for stage and screen. It's easy to cut and sew and at £3.99 a metre great value when you need lots to drape.


  • Pale gold metallic
  • Polyester
  • Micro dot computer foil
  • Two tone fabric
  • Display
  • Fashion
  • Merchandising