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  • Gallery, Pictures around the warehouse

    Gallery and Pictures of fabric storage, around the warehouse and storage areas:               &...
  • Glitter, Jazz and Moondust fabrics

    Glitter Fabric, glittery and sparkly fabric, glitters are laminated onto polycotton drill fabric, 100% coverage with glitter flakes, encrusted...
  • Half Built House in Birmingham

    This article has moved to our blog: FabricUK On Half Built House
  • Halloween Fabrics

     Halloween Fabrics Halloween Fabrics, ghouls ghosts, Skulls, gothic and all things Halloween. great choice of fabrics for Halloween!
  • Heavy Duty PVC and Mesh Netting

    Polyvinyl chloride, commonly known as PVC, was discovered in 1926 by a researcher seeking a technique for bonding rubber to steel. Today, PVC is used ...
  • Herringbone Chair Webbing

    100% Cotton Herringbone Chair Webbing 50mm (2 Inch width) Strong Black & White English Herringbone Webbing is one of the strongest upholstery web...
  • Hessian, Jute or Burlap fabric.

    An Eco-friendly material which is known around the world by three common names. Hessian is used in Europe, Jute is used in India and Burlap is mostly ...
  • How to Pay for your order?

    Paying for your purchases online, the fastest, convenient and secure way to pay for your order is online via the secure payment server through the web...
  • Interior Design

    In interior design projects, designers often use fabric to add color and texture to a room or to draw the eye to specific features. In addition to bei...
  • It's all about Broad Cloth

    As its name suggests, broadcloth has a broad variety of uses and applications. It is sold in larger than usual pieces, making it an excellent choice f...
  • Jersey

    A warm and flexible option predominantly used for clothing as well as bedding and home decor items. Composition Jersey fabric is composed of ei...
  • Knitted Fabrics

    Woven and knitted fabrics are similar; however, weaves are produced on a loom and use many individual threads. Knitted fabrics use a single thread and...
  • Leatherette Vinyl and Faux Leather

    We offer a wide range of vinyl, suede and leatherette fabrics, plain standard leatherettes, fire retardant leatherettes and Textured grain leatherette...
  • Lining

    Fabric lining is a layer of fabric sewn inside a garment or object to add strength or warmth, create comfort, conceal unattractive seams, or some comb...
  • Local Fabric & Material Shop

    We stock a wide range of fabrics, Stocked items can be collected in person, however we can also order in special fabrics and products at your request....
  • Looking After Your Leatherette Covered Chairs

    This article has moved to our blog: Leatherette Vinyl Maintenance
  • Lycra

    Lycra (called “spandex” in most of the U.S. and “elastane” in many parts of Europe) is a type of fabric made from synthetic fi...
  • Making Payments From Your Paypal Account

    PayPal provides a way to send money to anyone in the world who has an email address.If you wish to pay for your order using your PayPal account, all y...