Important Information regarding Spam Emails using our domain name


We are very sorry to report; we have a current situation regarding a bogus email which looks as if it has come from us. If any of you lovely people receive an email stating you will get a staple gun for the price of postage, it’s NOT from us! So please DO NOT under any circumstances click the link. It will take you to a website attempting to look like our own, in order to retrieve your bank details.

Obviously this is very worrying and we are all understandably concerned, but one thing is certain THEY DON'T have your bank details. This is precisely why they are sending the email, to retrieve your information. If you don't put your bank details in, they won’t get them.

The process being used in this attempt to gain information is called PHISHING.

This term is used because very simply put, a safe and trustworthy website is used as bait. In this instance unfortunately they have used us to attempt to dupe the public. I have had the plot of this explained in detail to me. It’s quite complicated but here goes. Our fabric company seems to have been picked at random as a mask to send the bogus emails from. However, it may be lightly we were picked because we are just a fabric company! Innocently selling fabric, we have a friendly demeanour. Therefore there is nothing odd about what we sell so people are not alarmed. Though most people who look at the offer on the email can see it doesn't quite appear right, they are counting on some not looking into it.

NEVER click on anything you are unsure about, I know it’s very easy to, but take time to think just for a moment if you have any doubt. If you are able to, check the URL in the address bar before deciding anything, this is the biggest tale tell sign that something is amiss.

We shall update you on the situation day by day. In the meantime here is a legitimate link to a Wikipedia page on PHISHING, I’m afraid it’s a rather unsettling read, but education and awareness is the best way to fight cyber-crime.

To the many customers and non-customers who have contacted us about this Email, we are very grateful for your vigilance and common sense.

Please report such emails to, so that we can report them to their server host and domain registrar Abuse department.