Velboa or Pony Skin fur Fabric

Pony Skin Velboa

Pony skin velboa is a type of fabric known for its softness and unusual, fur-like texture. Velboa is commonly used to cover stuffed animals because it offers a somewhat realistic skin- or fur-like appearance while maintaining what many users consider extreme “cuddliness.”

Its warmth and softness have won velboa fans around the world, and today crafters can find the fabric in nearly every color and pattern, from pony skin velboa to pastel solid velboa.

Physical Properties of Pony Skin Velboa

In addition to providing exceptional warmth and comfort, pony skin velboa (as well as other varieties of this material) are easy to care for. It is machine washable and does not lose its texture after repeated washings and dryings. What’s more, even though velboa boasts a semi-realistic, fur-like appearance, it does not shed at all, making it very little trouble to maintain.

Pony skin velboa has also been shown to be strong and durable, which reinforces its credentials as a fabric suited for young children. Even after repeated washings and stress from rough or careless play, velboa is likely to maintain its shape and avoid tears. Its chemical composition makes it completely safe to use for products and clothing intended for children and infants.

Applications for Pony Skin Velboa

Children’s toys are certainly at the top of the list for pony skin velboa applications, but they are by no means the only way this versatile fabric can be put to use. Its warmth and softness make it ideal for blankets, and because it is both inexpensive and easy to work with, velboa is an excellent choice for crafters interested in making homemade gifts.

Pony skin velboa and other varieties can be made to look like suede and other animal-based fabric in addition to fur, meaning that it is a convenient choice for making costumes and for covering certain types of furniture. In some cases, upholstering with velboa offers an inexpensive, durable alternative to choosing leather or suede. Pony skin velboa may also be used to cover seats in cars.

Winter garments (including gloves, hats, and coats) can be given an extra layer of warmth when lined with velboa, and the diversity of patterns available mean that nearly any style or color palette can be matched.

Pet accessories (including beds and toys) are also great ways to use pony skin velboa. Like their human counterparts, animals tend to appreciate the softness and warmth this fabric provides.