Hessian, Jute or Burlap fabric.

An Eco-friendly material which is known around the world by three common names. Hessian is used in Europe, Jute is used in India and Burlap is mostly used in USA.

In the UK we know or recognise it as Hessian fabric, it is a very densely woven jute fibre to make up the hessian clothes. The main fibre used is the skin of Jute plant, but other vegetable fibres are mixed in to give it extra strength for making rope or netting.

For fabric construction the weave is coarse, either tightly woven together or an open weave depending on the end use. With more growing demand for environmentally friendly products, refined hessian fabric is being used in a wide range of applications:

  • Shopping  bags
  • Sacks and Sacking
  • Gunny sacks
  • Carpet backing
  • Display industry
  • Notice boards
  • Upholstery
  • Sand bags
  • Art
  • Beekeeping
  • Craft
  • Wall covering
  • Interior design
  • Decor

Another common use of Hessian is in garden centres and in the agriculture trade. When transplanting shrubs and trees, exposed roots are normally wrapped in Hessian to protect them whilst the plants are in transit.

Hessian for the Artist

Art enthusiasts use hessian as an alternative surface option to standard canvas painting.

Use in the construction industry.

The excellent durable and rough handling properties makes it a good choice of material to use as a temporary wet protection cover to slow the drying process of concrete or cement. Bricklayers also like to use hessian fabric as on overnight protector during brick laying.

Fire retardant Hessian

Hessian fabric is now available with a fire retardant treatment to British Safety standards, hessian can be purchased in a range of colours dyed using natural dyes, a refined self-adhesive hessian fabric is also a common product.