Vinyl Tablecloths

PVC coated fabric. We stock a range of 18 bright colours in PVC coated oilcloth. Easily maintained, this wipeable fabric is ideal for uses in school canteens, mess halls, cafes and eateries.

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Tough, durable, waterproof, colourful and clean. Wipe clean. And with 18 colours to choose from, you can match the fabric to your décor or event. There are many other waterproof fabrics out there to choose from, but PVC Panama works brilliantly as a surface protector. This is due to the weigh...


Eye catching fabric - to clear! Shiny PVC vinyl fabric. High Gloss PVC Vinyl. High-quality synthetic leatherette. Ideal for Upholstery, bags etc. This fabric is  waterproof and durable.