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  • Cotton velvet fabric soft luxurious fabric with a pile weave that gives it a rich velvet finish, soft sheen and soft drape, common uses are apparel, corporat...

    Fabric Width: 112cm

    8 Colours available

    Product Code: KBT321-F27-B42

  • Crushed Velvet fabric, 100% Polyester 185 grm/m2 crushed velvet 150cm wide, a lustrous finish, the nap of the fabric has been pressed to point in different d...

    Fabric Width: 150cm

    20 Colours available

    Product Code: KBT171 (F50) (56)

    Trade Purchase

    Roll: 50 (Mtrs) -- £2.99/Mtr

    Saving: £50.00/Roll

  • Fire retardant velveteen material. Ideal for shows and exhibitions, backdrops, photographic backgrounds, jewellery display.

    Fabric Width: 140cm

    12 Colours available

    Product Code: KBT4726-F104-B300

  • Velvet material with eye-catching hologram sequins. Velvet is a type of woven 'tufted' fabric which has a luxurious soft and distinctive feel. Traditionally,...

    Fabric Width: 145 cm

    8 Colours available

    Product Code: KBT5082-F41-B340

  • Velvet Velour, a soft luxurious velvet-like fabric. Ideal for costumes and clothing, dance and fashion wear.

    Fabric Width: 150cm

    9 Colours available

    Product Code: KBT5487-F50-B344

  • Fire Retardant, Crushed Velvet fabric. 100% Polyester, 185 grm/m2 crushed velvet. 150cm wide. Conforms to BS5867. Please not...

    Fabric Width: 150

    19 Colours available

    Product Code: KBT6693-B439

    Trade Purchase

    Roll: 50 (Mtrs) -- £5.49/Mtr

    Saving: £25.00/Roll

  • Contract Crib 5, soft velvet fabric in beautiful range of colours. Suitable for all domestic upholstery use. 100% Polyester. This fabric meet...

    Fabric Width: 137cm

    14 Colours available

    Product Code: KBT7276 (473)

  • Soft Velvet fabric. 100% Polyester. Suitable for all domestic and upholsetry uses.  This fabric is not fire retardant.  Also availa...

    Fabric Width: 137cm

    15 Colours available

    Product Code: KBT7290 (197)

  • Flame retardant velvet fabric for a variety of uses including upholstery, wall hangings, apparel etc. 100% Cotton pile Velvet. BS5867 Part 2B...

    Fabric Width: 122cm

    15 Colours available

    Product Code: KBT7395 (EB) (B334)

  • Bling, crushed velvet. A luxurious, soft and durable fabric with a slightly raised pile and velvet texture. Ideal for upholstery. This fabric is fire...

    Fabric Width: 150cm

    17 Colours available

    Product Code: KBT7677 (F127) (472)