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Brass Eyelet Kits

Product code: MP2414


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Eyelet Kit Packs

Ideal for Anoraks, Aprons, Awnings, Belts, Bunting, Chutes, Covers, Cylinder Jackets, Duffel Bags, Fabric Shelters, Flags, Garden Furniture, Ground Sheets, Hampers, Heat Retention and Welding Curtains, Hold Alls, Industrial Gloves, Kit Bags, Laundry Trolleys, Marine Canvas, Marquees, Pennants, sails, shopping bags, Shower Curtains, Sporting and Gymnastic Equipment, Sportswear, straps, sun blinds, Tarpaulins, Tents, Waterproof and Protective Clothing, Fabrics, Leather, Foam, Felt, Canvas, PVC , Rubber, Fibre Board, Will also work on many more materials and applications.


Complete kit contains a cutting punch a setting die, kit is ideal for small use eyelet setting, the die and eyelets are made to the full professional standard quality steel


Available Sizes (note Sizes are Approx)

Ref-No. Size MM (Imperial) Pack Contents
PP18 5MM (13/64) 50
PP20 6MM (17/64) 50
PP22 8MM (5/16) 25
PP24 10MM (3/8) 25
PP26 11MM (7/16) 25
PP28 12MM (1/2) 15

Eyelet Re-fill Packs 

Re-Fills   Pack Contents
RE-18   50 sets
RE-20   50 sets
RE-22   25 sets
RE-24   25 sets
RE-26   25 sets
RE-28   15 sets

We can also supply large quantity of eyelets, hand operated table press for the heavy duty eyelets and other shapes of eyelets, please call for a quote.

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