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Crewel Fabric Throws 100% Wollen Embroidery

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Crewelwork Furniture Throws

Totally Handmade in Srinager Kashmir in India, 100% woollen embroidery Crewelwork Fabric throws in 3 styles.

  • Shalimar
  • Tree of life
  • Tabriz

Base cloth is 100% Natural Cotton Linen, with 100% woollen yard crewelwork embroidery is done with a special crewelwork needle.

Crewelwork is a decorative embroidery technique. The technique uses traditional embroidery stitches to create a raised surface to create intricate designs.

Specification of throw:

  • Square area covered=6.259 m²
  • Fabric Weight=2100 gm²
  • width 230cm x length 270cm

We can offer other designs via special order, also intricate custom crewelwork tasks and designs undertaken, please enquire.


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