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Olfa rotary fabric cutter

Product code: MP1 (F20)


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Olfa top quality Rotary fabric cutters a rolling razor blade cutter used to cut fabrics into shapes, strips, and pieces for sewing, quilting, and craft projects. will cut fabrics into shapes accurately and efficiently. Olfa invented the first Rotary Cutter in 1979, this tool has become the cutter of choice for todays quilters and sewers. OLFA cutters and knives are used everyday in a variety of applications


Olfa Rotary cutters are designed for left- and right-handed use and can cut through multiple layers of fabric at one time

Two types of Olfa Rotary Cutters

  • Standard
  • Deluxe

Both types have a protective blade cover to protect the blade and the user.


The Deluxe version also has a safety lock to prevent the blade being exposed and features an ergonomically designed handle with soft grip to prevent injury and reduce hand fatigue.


Other styles available

  • Pinking or Wave Cutter Interchangeable Blades (45mm only)
  • Compass Cutter (Cuts circles 1cm to 15cm)
  • Ratchet Rotary Compass Cutter

Blade diameter sizes:

  • 18mm
  • 28mm
  • 45mm
  • 60mm

Replacement blades are available for OLFA rotary cutters


Use the drop down menu to select the size and style of the cutter you want to order


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