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Cream - Abstract Pattern Upholstery Fabric (Clearance) fabric - £9.99 Per Mtr



  • Limited Stocks to Clear.

    Soft Upholstery chenille jacquard furnishing fabric.

    Fabric Width:145cm
    Design: Abstract 
    Pattern Repeat:

    Chenille is a type of yarn that is commonly used in upholstery fabric. It is a soft, plush yarn that is created by wrapping short lengths of yarn around a core yarn. This creates a fuzzy, textured surface that is both soft and durable

    A popular choice for home and furniture textiles due to its durability, versatility, and aesthetic appeal. Its combination of chenille yarn and jacquard weaving creates a unique fabric that is both functional and beautiful.

    A good selection of colours and patterns available, upholstery chenille jacquard fabric is a great choice for any furniture upholstery project.
    The intricate designs created by the jacquard weaving technique allow for complex patterns and designs, ranging from traditional floral patterns to more modern geometric designs. The use of different coloured threads also allows for a wide range of colour options, from bold and bright to more muted and neutral.

    Soft upholstery chenille jacquard fabric can be used to upholster chairs, sofas, ottomans, and other types of furniture. It can also be used to create drapes, curtains, and other window treatments. The intricate designs and patterns of the jacquard weave make this type of fabric well-suited for decorative pillows, throws, and other accent pieces.

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Colour: Cream

Abstract Pattern Upholstery Fabric (Clearance)

£9.99 Per Mtr

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