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Soft Sheen Messy Fur (D)

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Product code: KBT9403-B477-U2
(Price per mtr)  £21.99 VAT Incl.


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Medium length faux fur with a glossy sheen and a very soft feel finish. The style of the fur is slightly messy, in an easy going unkempt way. The length plus the colouring of the fur helps to create the attractive messy effect. The fibres are long enough at 3.5 to 4 cm long to be smoothed and flattened down or ruffled around to stand up straight. At the base of the fabric are the shorter darker fibres which have a slight crinkle to them whilst the paler and longer fibres have a silky feel. . The shorter fibres plump up the fabric, giving the lighter smother fibres chance to stand up or rest to the side creating a silky smooth surface.

The shading of the faux fur extenuates the purposefully dishevelled look of this fabric. With both the golden and beige options the base of the fur is darker than the surface. With the paler colour on the surface this creates a highlighted effect which defines the texture of the finish.

This faux fur is so soft and smooth it really needs to be seen. An oversized hooded jacket would look awesome in this fabric, lined with jersey, fleece or classic lining fabric. To show off in the home, use this luxurious faux fur fabric for cushion covers, shaped floor rugs or line the underside with soft fleece to make a thick double sided throw.


  •  Acrylic blend fabric
  •  Highlighted faux fur
  •  Silky abd soft
  •  Make hoodies and jackets
  •  Soft furnishings