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Fabric Name: Animal Print Holographic Stretch Fabric
Fabric Code: KBT7809-374
Fabric Width: 147cm
Price Per Metre: £7.99

Awesome 90s inspired holographic animal print fabric! Bright bold colours of yellow, green, pink, blue and purple are overlaid with black leopard, tiger and zebra print. This is then finished off with a holographic dot foil print which gives the whole design a hologram shine. Brilliant party fabric, it has a great stretch quality so its ideal to dance in. Make leotards for dance wear, tops and booty shorts for rave wear. The fabric drapes well so cute swing skirts would look fab. Fashion has gone back to the 1990s so why not make your own bespoke outfit no one else has. Party on! 


  • 90s retro print fabric
  • Holographic stretch fabric
  • Animal print fabric
  • Leopard Tiger Zebra print
  • Hologram Rave wear
  • Multi coloured animal print


Category: Sequins, Lamee, Hologram & Foils
Fabric Color: Animal
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