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Fabric Name: Waterproof Breathable Micro Fleece
Fabric Code: KBT7807-U1
Fabric Width: 157cm
Price Per Metre: £9.99

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Breathable, waterproof Micro Fleece. Great for outdoor clothing, camping etc.

Protect yourself from the elements. Stay warm! stay dry!

This fabric is composed of 3 layers: Microfleece outer, breathable film and Poly Mesh.


Hydrostatic Head: UnitH2O, test method JIS KL1092 B. result=8000.

Water Vapour Permeability: G/m2/24hr, test method JIS L1099A-1, CVaCI2 40°C  90%RH.



Category: Fleece Fabrics - Plain Dyed
Fabric Color: Green (402)
Green (402)
Fabric Color: Black
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