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Fabric Name: Polyester to Clear
Fabric Code: KBT7713-B151
Fabric Width: 150cm
Price Per Metre: £2.99

100% Polyester-To Clear

A very versatile,  crease resistant and easy to maintain fabric. Easy to wash, easy to iron.

Widely used in the garment industry to make clothing. A great fabric for dresses, blouses, mens shirts, also very popular amongst the quilting community and preferred by domestic sewers.

Suitable for curtains, drapery, dust sheets, wall hangings etc.

This fabric can be treated with a fire retardant spray.

Category: Polyester Peach Crepe and Peach Skin
Fabric Color: Dark Pink
Dark Pink
Fabric Color: Powder Pink
Powder Pink
Fabric Color: Royal
Fabric Color: Peach
Fabric Color: Red
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