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Fabric Name: Broadcloth T.K.T 4000
Fabric Code: KBT7057-460
Fabric Width: 112 cm
Price Per Metre: £5.49

Broadcloth T.K.T 4000. Tetron blended fabric. 65% Tetron, 35% Combed Cotton. Mercerized resin finish.

Very comfortable to wear. Ideal fabric for shirts, garments, dresses and a wide variety of loose fitting clothing. Excellent drape qualities, works well for stage curtains, lightweight drapes, backdrops and set decoration.

Tetron is trademarked and made by Toray Textile, a global Japanese textile maufacturers.

Category: Poly Cotton, Drill Fabric and Sheeting
Bulk Option: Yes
Roll Size: 50m
Roll Price: £3.65
Fabric Color: White
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