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Fabric Name: Coloured Cotton Lawn - Rubia
Fabric Code: KBT6922-F12-B451
Fabric Width: 110cm
Price Per Metre: £4.99

A deeply dyed version of the traditional lightweight sheer cotton fabric. We stock a gorgeous range of 35 colours from soft shades to vivid bright colours and dark tones. The feel of coloured cotton lawn is slightly crisp with a lightweight, sleek,and smooth semi-sheer surface. The smoothness of the fabric comes from the very fine yarns used to produce the cloth. The yarns are combed during the process; this creates a high thread count yarn which is then twisted to achieve the smooth lustre the fabric is known for.


The term” Lawn” is derived from the French city of Laon, the origin of the fabric where a huge amount was in constant production. Cotton lawn cloth is also known as under  batiste and nainsook, though these are not common terms now.  Lawn is now in production worldwide and ranges from traditional cotton lawn which is one of the most popular fabrics in Eastern countries due to its lightweight breathability and the abundance of colours available. In the west, cotton lawn is popular for its natural composition is used for high quality printed patterns.


The lightweight, crisp feel can range from fabric to fabric but this is simply down to how much starch was used in the process. Very crisp lawn fabric can be used for smart shirts or table decoration. Other less starchy types are easier to drape for clothing and décor. Lawn is easy to work with, there is no stretch in the fabric so cutting patterns and sewing is quite straightforward.  If the fabric has any creases they can be ironed out easily so you can have a flat surface to work with.  Though the fabric has a slightly crisp feel, it still drapes well.  If you give it a wash at no more than 40 degrees before you use it, the fabric will ease out and become a little more fluid.


  • 35 colours
  • 100% cotton
  • Traditional fabric
  • Semi transparent
  • 110 cm wide
  • Summer clothing
  • Lightweight
Category: Cotton Fabrics
Fabric Color: Dark Pink (116)
Dark Pink (116)
Fabric Color: Turquoise (124)
Turquoise (124)
Fabric Color: Dusty Hamza (126)
Dusty Hamza (126)
Fabric Color: Emerald (127)
Emerald (127)
Fabric Color: Rust (135)
Rust (135)
Fabric Color: Petrol (137)
Petrol (137)
Fabric Color: Brown (143)
Brown (143)
Fabric Color: Cerise (146)
Cerise (146)
Fabric Color: Grey (150)
Grey (150)
Fabric Color: Light Purple (153)
Light Purple (153)
Fabric Color: Biscuit (154)
Biscuit (154)
Fabric Color: Purple (161)
Purple (161)
Fabric Color: Jade (164)
Jade (164)
Fabric Color: Aqua (169)
Aqua (169)
Fabric Color: Burgundy (172)
Burgundy (172)
Fabric Color: Sky (175)
Sky (175)
Fabric Color: Deep Purple (176)
Deep Purple (176)
Fabric Color: Bottle Green (182)
Bottle Green (182)
Fabric Color: Black (87)
Black (87)
Fabric Color: Lilac (97)
Lilac (97)
Fabric Color: Dark Orange (99)
Dark Orange (99)
Fabric Color: Pink (100)
Pink (100)
Fabric Color: Peach (101)
Peach (101)
Fabric Color: Cream (102)
Cream (102)
Fabric Color: Beige (105)
Beige (105)
Fabric Color: Mint (106)
Mint (106)
Fabric Color: Yellow (113)
Yellow (113)
Fabric Color: Dark Lime (111)
Dark Lime (111)
Fabric Color: Bright Orange (76)
Bright Orange (76)
Fabric Color: Dark Peach (70)
Dark Peach (70)
Fabric Color: Navy (16)
Navy (16)
Fabric Color: Royal (12)
Royal (12)
Fabric Color: Sage (78)
Sage (78)
Fabric Color: Red (80)
Red (80)
Fabric Color: White (85)
White (85)
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