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Fabric Name: Teddy Bear Fleece
Fabric Code: KBT6823 B-U57
Fabric Width: 150cm
Price Per Metre: £6.99

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A range of fleeces with fun Teddy Bear designs.

100% Polyester printed Fleece fabrics.

A soft,  luxurious,  lightweight,  brushed fabric.  Warm and comfortable. Used to make a wide range of items including, apparel, clothing, athletic wear, throws, blankets, hoodies, hats, scarves, sweat shirts, jackets, outdoor clothing, baby blankets, sofa throws, pet clothing, pet bedding and toys.
Fleece is a great altrnative to wool.

Category: Fleece Fabrics - Printed
Bulk Option: Yes
Roll Size: 50m
Roll Price: £2.49
Fabric Color: Beige 03
Beige 03
Fabric Color: Pink 07
Pink 07
Fabric Color: Brown 01
Brown 01
Fabric Color: Navy 08
Navy 08
Fabric Color: Gold 09
Gold 09
Fabric Color: Red 14
Red 14
Fabric Color: Camel 15
Camel 15
Fabric Color: Powder Pink 21
Powder Pink 21
Fabric Color: Purple 22
Purple 22
Fabric Color: Light Purple 25
Light Purple 25
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