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Fabric Name: Glitter Fabric Large Flakes (1.80 metre length)
Fabric Code: KBT6663-B343
Fabric Width: 46cm
Price Per Metre: £11.99

Glitter Fabric - Better known in the exhibition trade as Jazz.

To clear in one colour only - Silver -This fabric is the KBT5436, which are off cuts from a big cutting job we done, all perfect and must go, ideal for small projects where the width and length are not a problem,

Construction of the fabric is a 147grm poly/cotton base. The material is coated on one side with large glitter flakes creating an amazing twinkle, sparkle effect.

Let your imagination go wild as you use our fabric to create beautiful projects

Order a sample of this fabric, we know you will simply love it!

Please note: this item comes ready cut in Lengths of 1.8 metre i.e. if you order quantity 1 you will get a piece size of 1.80 Metres long and 46cm in width, some pieces are slightly wider 50cm, if you need this size please let us know once you have made an order and we will send you a wider piece, otherwise we will just send a piece as we pick from shelf.


Bulk Purchase: When selecting the bulk purchase option you will receive 10 pieces of 1.80mtrs x 46cm wide.

Category: Glitter Fabrics
Bulk Option: Yes
Roll Size: 10m
Roll Price: £9.99
Fabric Color: Silver
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