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Fabric Name: Silver and Gold Mesh (X190)
Fabric Code: KBT6532-B166
Fabric Width: 138cm
Price Per Metre: £5.49

Sparke mesh netting availible in silver or gold options. The net is made from 100% nylon which only stretches a small amount. The nylon net is interwoven with metallic foil which makes the net really sparkly. This metallc net is ideal for backdrops, theatre, displays, outfits and costumes even window netting! Just drape it anywhere you want to add a sparkle. 

The holes that make up the net are 3 mm across in a diamond formation, if using this fabric for window netting or fly protection, some smaller insects will get through.


  • Silver and gold fabric
  • Fancy dress
  • Display fabric
  • 100% Nylon
Category: Nets
Fabric Color: Silver(1)
Fabric Color: Gold(2)
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