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Fabric Name: Stretch Satin (X717)
Fabric Code: KBT6499-B427
Fabric Width: 148cm
Price Per Metre: £10.99

Stretch Satin is composed of 90% Polyester and 10% Spandex. This fabric has all the qualities of a traditional Duchess satin, great fall and fit with the Spandex element adding to the comfort and fit of the fabric. This fabric is ideal for dresses, bridal wear, evening wear, lightweight summer wear such as jackets and shirts etc

Category: Satins Material
Fabric Color: Gold (10)
Gold (10)
Fabric Color: Red (6)
Red (6)
Fabric Color: Sapphire (11)
Sapphire (11)
Fabric Color: Dusty Pink (9)
Dusty Pink (9)
Fabric Color: Sky  (17)
Sky (17)
Fabric Color: Lavender (8)
Lavender (8)
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