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Fabric Name: Wide Stripe Jersey Tubular (C)
Fabric Code: KBT6177-B403
Fabric Width: 68cm
Price Per Metre: £6.99

Soft knitted jersey fabric knitted into a tube form. This jersey has a repeating pattern of large stripes running around the width of the fabric. Available in pale sky blue and navy stripes or red and black stripes. The fabric measures 68 cm so thats a circumference of 136 cm all the way around. This wide jersey also has a generous stretch, so its great for sports clothing and fashion wear. The tubular form is very handy for covering items for protection and can be used as a slip cover for canoes and kayaks. For more info on our tubular fabrics have a look at our Totally Tubular Fabric Blog.


  • 136 cm circumference
  • Slip covers
  • Fashion stripe jersey
  • Sports fabric
  • Stretch jersey



We have only limited stocks on this line and do not expect them to last long. Order a sample now to avoid disappointment.

Category: Clearance Lines
Fabric Color: Red & Black Stripes
Red & Black Stripes
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