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Fabric Name: Metro Leatherette Vinyl
Fabric Code: KBT6074-F108-B397
Fabric Width: 137cm
Price Per Metre: £16.99

Metro is a band new range of high spec contract leatherette vinyl for seating in subtle colour variations. Can be used in healthcare, public seating, hospitality, education and leisure (including cruise ships).

The Metro range is soft and supple. Making it easy to upholster while still being robust and durable. Incorporates anti-microbial and anti fungal additive. This inhibits the growth of harmful bacteria and fungi.

Fabric construction.

  • 80% PVC
  • 12% Polyester
  • 6% Cotton
  • 2% Acrylic Based PU

This leatherette is flame retardant to BS7176, BS5852, BS EN1021-1, BS EN1021-2.

Certificates available on request.

Category: Leatherette and Upholstry Vinyls
Fabric Color: Black
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