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Fabric Name: Knitted Ribbed Material 50cm Tubular (Clearance)
Fabric Code: KBT4382-F60-B203
Fabric Width: 50cm Tubular
Price Per Metre: £5.99

The width of this knitted tubular fabric laying flat measures at 50cm, so the  circumference is 100 cm.The knitted fabric has pleanty of stretch across the width so will generously stretch over the full 100 cm  Ideal for large slip on covers for canos and kayaks. The stretch quality makes it usefull for fashion and sportswear clothing too. Find out more about our handy tubular fabric range,check out our Totally Tubular Blog...


  • 100 cm circumference
  • Slip on covers
  • Sportswear
  • Stretch knit
  • Fashion clothing
  • Outdoor clothing
Category: Clearance Lines
Fabric Color: Black
Fabric Color: White
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