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Fabric Name: Polysilk Habotai (1357)
Fabric Code: KBT4230-F41-B277
Fabric Width: 112cm
Price Per Metre: £5.99

Polysilk Habotai is a soft fabric with a silk look and silk like feel, great for garments, linings, stage and set decoration, 112cm wide fabric and light weight, please note this fabric is made of 100% polyester.

Habotai A Japanese word meaning soft as down, this fabric is fine very light weight and wonderfully soft, finished to a smooth glossy appearance with a fine even weave throughout the fabric making it airy and light and not seen through.

Category: Display and Marquee Lining
Fabric Color: Fire (126)
Fire (126)
Fabric Color: Rust/Turquoise (165)
Rust/Turquoise (165)
Fabric Color: Shot/Bottle (13)
Shot/Bottle (13)
Fabric Color: Shot/Green (26)
Shot/Green (26)
Fabric Color: Fuschia (169)
Fuschia (169)
Fabric Color: Shot/Royal (157)
Shot/Royal (157)
Fabric Color: Shot/Wine (19)
Shot/Wine (19)
Fabric Color: Shot/Orange (151)
Shot/Orange (151)
Fabric Color: Shot/Pink (15)
Shot/Pink (15)
Fabric Color: Ivory (12)
Ivory (12)
Fabric Color: Cerise (126)
Cerise (126)
Fabric Color: Shot/Jade (21)
Shot/Jade (21)
Fabric Color: Peach (24)
Peach (24)
Fabric Color: Emerald (122)
Emerald (122)
Fabric Color: Shot/Turquoise (75)
Shot/Turquoise (75)
Fabric Color: Brown (20)
Brown (20)
Fabric Color: Powder Pink (150)
Powder Pink (150)
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