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Fabric Name: Ostrich Textured leatherette Soliena
Fabric Code: KBT4130-F106-B273
Fabric Width: 150cm
Price Per Metre: £41.95

Soliena Ostrich Textured leatherette Fabric. High quality material with natural and very slender ostrich leather grain this material is a classic among the exclusive leather optics, lightfast, colourfast, tear resistant and easy to clean.

Suitable for many kinds of upholstery projects, interior design, decor, re-upholstery trade and wall coverings, works very well and is popular for modern and exclusive residential areas.

This fabric is also a popular choice for the imitation leather goods trade when it comes to making hand bags,belts,shoes and clothing etc.

Problem free processing in the usual procedures; sewing, tacking, sticking, nailing, (Do not use solvent based adhesives)

Cleaning: Durable and easy to clean with luke warm water, mild soap lye and a micro-fibre cloth or a soft hand brush. Do not use solvents chloride, abrasives, chemical cleaning agents or wax polishes, regularly cleaning will maintain fabric quality and appearance, pollution by oil, fat and ink must be removed immediately.

Technical properties and material composition:

Approx. 84% PVC-compound

Approx.16% PES needle-punched non woven

Weight. 640+/- 50grm./m2

Thickness. 1.6 +/- 0.2mm

Fire Retardant. CRIB 5


Please note. colourings by jeans or other textiles are excluded from any manufactures guarantee.

Category: Textured Leatherettes and Vinyl
Fabric Color: Carmin(Wine) (0925)
Carmin(Wine) (0925)
Fabric Color: Pearl
Fabric Color: Beige (0929)
Beige (0929)
Fabric Color: Melanzana (Purple) (0926)
Melanzana (Purple) (0926)
Fabric Color: Off White (1155)
Off White (1155)
Fabric Color: Gold (1154)
Gold (1154)
Fabric Color: Sherry (Brown)
Sherry (Brown)
Fabric Color: Mocca (0921)
Mocca (0921)
Fabric Color: Silver (1152)
Silver (1152)
Fabric Color: Steel (Metallic Grey)
Steel (Metallic Grey)
Fabric Color: Sattel (0920)
Sattel (0920)
Fabric Color: Black (0930)
Black (0930)
Fabric Color: Rosso (Red) (0924)
Rosso (Red) (0924)
Fabric Color: Vanilla (0923)
Vanilla (0923)
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