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Fabric Name: Cotton Velvet
Fabric Code: KBT321-F27-B42
Fabric Width: 112cm
Price Per Metre: £11.99

Cotton velvet fabric soft luxurious fabric with a pile weave that gives it a rich velvet finish, soft sheen and soft drape, common uses are apparel, corporate clothing, jackets, and waist coats, velvet fabrics are a good choice of fabric for interior designers for, decor, interior design, home furnishings, upholstery, cushions, loose covers and draperies.

Category: Velvets Material
Bulk Option: Yes
Roll Size: 20m
Roll Price: £8.99
Fabric Color: Royal
Fabric Color: White
Fabric Color: Bottle Green (1)
Bottle Green (1)
Fabric Color: Navy (2)
Navy (2)
Fabric Color: Brown (5)
Brown (5)
Fabric Color: Red (9)
Red (9)
Fabric Color: Purple (8)
Purple (8)
Fabric Color: Black (4)
Black (4)
Fabric Color: Wine (3)
Wine (3)
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