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Fabric Name: High Gloss Fire Retardant PVC Vinyl
Fabric Code: KBT3457-258-F78-B209
Fabric Width: 140cm
Price Per Metre: £21.99

High Gloss Fire Retardant PVC Vinyl. High-quality synthetic leatherette. Ideal for Upholstery, bags etc. long shelf life. This fabric is UV resistant, waterproof, tear-resistant, salt water resistant and hypoallergenic, Lightfastness 6, urine and sweat.

Category: Leatherette and Upholstry Vinyls
Fabric Color: Chocolate (3568)
Chocolate (3568)
Fabric Color: Silver (2591)
Silver (2591)
Fabric Color: Orange (2586)
Orange (2586)
Fabric Color: Lime (2506)
Lime (2506)
Fabric Color: Black (2590)
Black (2590)
Fabric Color: Off White (2588)
Off White (2588)
Fabric Color: Red (2587)
Red (2587)
Fabric Color: Stone (3567)
Stone (3567)
Fabric Color: White
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