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Fabric Name: Car Headliner Perforated Leatherette
Fabric Code: KBT3362-F61-B198
Fabric Width: 140cm
Price Per Metre: £11.99

Headliner leatherette vinyl perforated holes, unlike other similar items that have embossed holes this product has actual holes punched into the vinyl fabric, looks very well when trimmed used for headlining, door panels and door cards, seating, classic mini headlining, home upholstery, soft furnishings, bar stools, interior décor, interior design, boats, barge seating and interiors, soft feel, the vinyl is laminated on to a fabric base cloth to give it extra strength and a good adhesive surface, and ideal choice of fabric for DIY, restoration projects, classic car enthusiast and hobbyist.

Available in 3 colours, other custom colours and vinyl’s can be made to order, minimum quantity applies, we can also custom perforate any of our vinyl’s to your requirements minimums will apply,

Category: Leatherette and Upholstry Vinyls
Bulk Option: Yes
Roll Size: 40m
Roll Price: £7.99
Fabric Color: Grey
Fabric Color: White
Fabric Color: Black
Fabric Color: Off White
Off White
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