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Fabric Name: Foam Fabric 12mm thick
Fabric Code: KBT3180-F61-B193
Fabric Width: 150cm
Price Per Metre: £13.99

Lining foam (scrim backed) approx.11 to 12mm thickness, width is 150cm excellent as under lining a hard surface to give it a soft cushion effect.


Very versatile multiple uses including poker tables, card tables, surface under lays, cushion effect, cushion mat, upholstery and curtain making, model making, notice boards, pin boards, shelf lining,  photo mounting, toy making, fragile protection and insulation, padding, reduce vibration, packaging.


Also very popular in the automotive trade, car and vehicle uses, headlining, door cards, side panels, sound damper, insulation, air filter covers and filtration, etc.
Endless uses…!


Can be used with a contact spray adhesive


Request a foam sample to check it quality and density

Category: Foam Material
Fabric Color:  (12mm)
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