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Fabric Name: PVC Coated Fabric (Panama 6456)
Fabric Code: KBT6456-F8-B137
Fabric Width: 130cm
Price Per Metre: £11.99

Tough, durable, waterproof, colourful and clean. Wipe clean. And with 18 colours to choose from, you can match the fabric to your décor or event. There are many other waterproof fabrics out there to choose from, but PVC Panama works brilliantly as a surface protector. This is due to the weight of the fabric and the thick PVC coating. The mid weight of the fabric and the underside texture will ensure it lays flat without the need to weigh it down.

The fabrics itself is made from a strong plain cotton drill which is then oil and PVC coated. This creates fabric that can withstand constant tough and practical use. It can be cut into any shape you want using normal household scissors. So when you need to cover tables and sideboards for parties, just cut out the shape you need then lay flat on the furniture item.

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Category: PVC TableCloth Oil Cloth
Fabric Color: Red (300)
Red (300)
Fabric Color: Chocolate (154)
Chocolate (154)
Fabric Color: Black (900)
Black (900)
Fabric Color: Marine (721)
Marine (721)
Fabric Color: Turquoise (617)
Turquoise (617)
Fabric Color: White (001)
White (001)
Fabric Color: Oyster (003)
Oyster (003)
Fabric Color: Lime (607)
Lime (607)
Fabric Color: Evergreen (630)
Evergreen (630)
Fabric Color: Mandarin (407)
Mandarin (407)
Fabric Color: Terracotta (301)
Terracotta (301)
Fabric Color: Maize (521)
Maize (521)
Fabric Color: Claret (303)
Claret (303)
Fabric Color: Petunia (243)
Petunia (243)
Fabric Color: Lavender (805)
Lavender (805)
Fabric Color: Oatmeal (107)
Oatmeal (107)
Fabric Color: Smoke (907)
Smoke (907)
Fabric Color: Latte (045)
Latte (045)
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