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Fabric Name: Polka Dot Printed Fleece
Fabric Code: KBT3048-F45-B190
Fabric Width: 150cm
Price Per Metre: £6.99


Fun polka dot spotted fleece fabric in several colours to choose from. All the fleece has a plain deep dyed background with some covered in white spots, some with black spots and some with coloured spots. All the spots are spaced evenly apart and are around the size of a penny. Polka dots are a timeless classic pattern and never go out of fashion. Boy or girl adult or child, everyone likes polka dots! You could use this fleece for clothing like hoodies or long sleeved winter tops or keep it for indoor lounge clothing like super soft pajamas.


  • Polka dot pattern
  • 100% polyester
  • Multi use
  • Very soft 
Category: Fleece Fabrics - Printed
Fabric Color: Black - White Spots
Black - White Spots
Fabric Color: Baby Blue - White Spots
Baby Blue - White Spots
Fabric Color: Red - White Spots
Red - White Spots
Fabric Color: Pink - White Spots
Pink - White Spots
Fabric Color: Red - Black Spots
Red - Black Spots
Fabric Color: Black - Red Spots
Black - Red Spots
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