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Fabric Name: Millennium Baize Fabric
Fabric Code: KBT300-D51072-F74-B124
Fabric Width: 180cms
Price Per Metre: £26.99

Baize fabric 80% wool 20% nylon, 180cm wide, an excellent quality fabric to use on snooker and billiards tables to cover the slate and cushions, this fabric is also widely used on domestic, private and commercial playing card tables i.e. poker, blackjack, craps and baccarat, not forgetting its many uses in casinos.


Baize can also be used as a curtain fabric for interior decor, design, upholstery and stage drapes, you can also find baize fabric is used on competition trophies underneath the trophy base as it works well as a table protector, because the fabric is very versatile there is even a demand for baize fabric to be used for clothing and apparel.


6 Colours available: Green Baize, Wine, French Navy, Light Green and Royal.


Request a fabric sample to approve the fabric quality is right for your application.

Category: Snooker and Billiard fabrics
Bulk Option: Yes
Roll Size: 40m
Roll Price: £18.99
Fabric Color: Green Baize
Green Baize
Fabric Color: Wine 3
Wine 3
Fabric Color: French Navy
French Navy
Fabric Color: Light Green
Light Green
Fabric Color: Black
Fabric Color: Royal
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