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Fabric Name: AIDA Cloth
Fabric Code: KBT2584-F10-B28
Fabric Width: 106cm
Price Per Metre: £10.99

Aida cloth, or know as Java canvas, construction is of an open even weave cotton fabric that has a fine mesh like appearance. The natural mesh construction facilitates the cross-stitching process.

Traditionally used commonly for cross-stitch embroidery, needlework, textiles and crafter. Aida cloth type is measured and described according to its thread count.

This Aida cloth is a 14 Thread count warp and weft, (14 squares per linear inch) available in white or cream (ecru).

Hand washing with soap and water improves the appearance of the finished cross-stitching because Aida cloth naturally contracts in areas where it has been embroidered.

Category: Craft Fabric
Fabric Color: Cream
Fabric Color: White
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