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Fabric Name: Terry Toweling Fabric
Fabric Code: KBT252-F10-B52
Fabric Width: 150cm
Price Per Metre: £11.99

Towelling fabric, 90% Cotton 10% Polyester, cotton loop construction with a double sided towelling loop, very soft and very absorbent, easy to maintain, can be machine washed and dry in a domestic tumble dryer, ideal for domestic or industrial use, varied applications, perfect for making custom size towels, bathrobes, nappies.

Other common uses are for re-upholstery for boat seating, salons, massage beds, beauty clinics and other marine applications.

Category: Terry Towelling
Fabric Color: White (1)
White (1)
Fabric Color: Cream (2)
Cream (2)
Fabric Color: Red
Fabric Color: Navy
Fabric Color: Bottle
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