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Fabric Name: Bonded Fleece Corduroy
Fabric Code: KBT11816-WH
Fabric Width: 150cm
Price Per Metre: £10.99

Bonded Fleece Corduroy is 100% Cotton a durable fabric used apparel, soft furnishing and upholstery ideal for making trousers, shirts and jackets, this is called a 9 wale corduroy sometimes commonly described better as a medium cord..

This fabric is bonded to a Sherpa fleece for an extra layer of insulation. 

Note: Corduroy is normally measured as wale which means the number of ridges per inch; a low number is thicker than a high number. A 5 Wale Corduroy would be much thicker than 12 Wale Corduroy.

Category: Upholstery Fabrics and Furnishing Fabrics
Fabric Color: Grey
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