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Fabric Name: Leatherette Vinyl Fire Retardant
Fabric Code: KBT1675-F11-B136
Fabric Width: 140cm
Price Per Metre: £11.99

Expanded vinyl Leatherette fabric. Fire retardant treated to BS5852 part 1, using ignition sources 0 cigarette and gas.

An excellent budget range of faux leather PVC vinyl fabrics with a great selection of colours available. This fabric has a leather like textured surface, is durable and versatile.

Recover upholstery, furniture, dining room chairs, headboards, table top inserts, sofas, poker tables.

Easy to work with, this fabric can be fixed down using a spray adhesive or standard upholstery staples.

Will give any furniture a new lease of life - surface is waterproof and can be wiped clean with a damp cloth.

Category: Leatherette and Upholstry Vinyls
Bulk Option: Yes
Roll Size: 25m
Roll Price: £9.99
Fabric Color: Textured Black (1)
Textured Black (1)
Fabric Color: Smooth Black (2)
Smooth Black (2)
Fabric Color: Chestnut (4)
Chestnut (4)
Fabric Color: Dark Brown (5)
Dark Brown (5)
Fabric Color: Mushroom (6)
Mushroom (6)
Fabric Color: Ivory (7)
Ivory (7)
Fabric Color: White (8)
White (8)
Fabric Color: Claret (9)
Claret (9)
Fabric Color: Dark Red (10)
Dark Red (10)
Fabric Color: Navy (11)
Navy (11)
Fabric Color: Royal (12)
Royal (12)
Fabric Color: Green (14)
Green (14)
Fabric Color: Cream
Fabric Color: Honey (17)
Honey (17)
Fabric Color: Silver Grey (18)
Silver Grey (18)
Fabric Color: Flame Red (16)
Flame Red (16)
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