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Fabric Name: Neutral Zebra Upholstery Fabric
Fabric Code: KBT9880-U26
Fabric Width: 150 cm
Price Per Metre: £11.99

Neutral beige coloured upholstery fabric, woven with a shrunk down design depicting Zebra or Tiger pattern. The design could also be described as a tree bark effect, whether you see bark, tiger or zebra the design will add a great textural and visual element to a neutral style room. The structure of the fabric is a durable and tough weave, so its ideal for seating in public places where the fabric will be in constant and prolonged use. The texture is firm but quite soft, so it would certainly be comfortable to sit on.


Use this neutral upholstery fabric for upholstery and furniture such as seating booths, sofas, armchairs or for heavy drapes. Calming neutral interiors with mixed textures of similar shades are still trending in homes and business all over UK and Europe. The neutral oat and beige shades used would blend easily with neutral interior designs for coffee shops, hotels, cafes and restaurants. 


  • Neutral upholstery fabric
  • Neutral animal design
  • Zebra or Tiger design
  • Woven pattern
  • Oat and beige upholstery fabric
Category: Upholstery Fabrics and Furnishing Fabrics
Fabric Color: Neutral Beige
Neutral Beige
Fabric Color: Green
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