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Fabric Name: Bonded Melton Fabric
Fabric Code: KBT9661-U4
Fabric Width: 150
Price Per Metre: £13.99

Bonded Melton Fabric, mixed fibres a preferred choice of bonded Melton fabric for sewing as it is easy to sew, easy to work with, does not fray when cut, easy to maintain and washes well, machine washable at 30c, it also dries quite quickly due to its construction technique.

Widely used in the fashion trade for making:

•Outdoor Clothing
•Waxed Jacket Lining
•Country Sports Clothing
•Hunting Jackets
•Game Keepers
•Equestrian Clothing

Many more endless uses get a fabric sample to check the quality

Category: Bonded Fabrics
Fabric Color: Classic
Fabric Color: Royal Stewart
Royal Stewart
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